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Nexus Android Calendar

March 13, 2010

The Nexus One calendar synchronizes with your Gmail calendar well. You must have a calendar in Gmail (see below) and the two sync together provided you have set it up in Nexus ‘Geberal Sync Settings’ – this is under the App called ‘Settings’ – easy.

If you add a google maps URL, eg in the where section of the calendar then you can click this in the Nexus and up comes google maps magically on the PHONE 🙂


MeetUp Founder Scott at 140conf London

March 10, 2010

140conf near Euston on Wed 10 March featured Scott (2nd from left) talking about how he founded Meetup. See twitvid here.
Later @Priyal makes a point about Social Media in India and her work at the BBC. Brittney Bean talked on many themes – music, games, festivals.

Tron Light Cycle

March 7, 2010

The old B film Tron had humans trapped in a computer game (Light Cycle) and this idea is probably correct in that WE ARE PROBABLY living in a giant computer too.
Have a go at the game on windows to get a sense of riding Light Cycles (free windows version here)

Artist in Residence at the Hospital Club

March 3, 2010

The Hospital Club had an artist in residence event on March 03 2010. With a fashion collection, photographs and art works. Delightful atmosphere and classy art everywhere.